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The Story of XLove Brand

Customers are our future…

Our company founder Barış AKPINAR continued his retail journey, which he started in the markets at the age of 15, by establishing his own retail store in 1997. After starting sales, it moved forward with the aim of following the developments in the sector, fashion trends, making a difference with quality and up-to-date products and becoming indispensable for users. For 13 years, it has brought customers together with the highest quality products for this purpose.

It played a leading role in the regions where it is located in the retail market and became a determinant of trends in the denim world. It has become a company that is followed by both competitors and consumers in jeans products.

Its quality standards, model up-to-dateness, variety of collections and secure shopping made it a guiding function for other retail companies. In a short time, it has settled in a position that creates the collection of hundreds of companies in the domestic market and serves with a rich product range.

Thus, in 2011, Xlove Jeans was established in order to sell wholesale jeans products and it was structured to provide active service. It started to produce and wholesale products suitable for the trends in the sector. In a brief time, it created the total quality system and created its own planning, design, manufacturing and quality control processes.

Barış AKPINAR, founder of Xlove Jeans; In our conversation with him, he showed hundreds of messages from customers. He explained that he is in one-on-one communication with consumers who wear our products with pleasure throughout his business life, and that they shape and direct our models, quality and future plans.

Proudly; “Our customers are our inspiration, our consultant, our designer, our fashion designer, our planner and our customers are everything to us, our future,” he said.

In line with the reality of change and development, it continues to provide future-oriented services with its experienced experience and knowledge in corporate consultancy support.

As a well-equipped, competent and dynamic company, Xlove Jeans aims to be one of the leading brands in the world in denim clothing, with the priority of our country. Our company designs and manufactures jeans, casual wear and related accessories for women. Our products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide through chain retailers, department stores, online sites and approximately 1,200 retail stores.

From yesterday to today; As when we started our business life 30 years ago, we are constantly improving ourselves to carry our company to the future in an innovative way that will listen to their voices and meet their expectations for today's and tomorrow's consumers. Our own original models; We offer you the most up-to-date designs, the best quality fabric, the best materials and workmanship.

We take care to ensure that your clothes are healthier by using quality raw materials obtained by environmentally friendly methods in our products, and by producing with higher quality standards. Thus, you will be able to wear the most popular models and your favorite styles for years.

We will continue to produce more innovative, more comfortable and high quality models that will shape fashion, and to serve you, our valued customers, for many years.


Our Mission

To provide satisfaction to our customers with the modern, high quality, innovative and wide range of products we have designed in the denim industry, with corporate competence and agility, and to create addiction with touches that create new experiences for our users.


Our Vision

To be a well-known brand that opens to the world as a visionary company in the sector by making innovative and original designs in the field of denim.


Our Values

1. The satisfaction of our customers is important and our priority.

2. We base our business on the understanding of total quality.

3. We consider prevention, control and feedback as part of our work.

We progress by developing with change, renewing with technique and technology, and making a difference with our difference.

5. We work with corporate consciousness, common mind and team spirit

6. We are aware that our main capital is to work with qualified people.

7. We maintain our relations with the priority of sincerity and trust.

8. We act on the basis of being fair, transparent, responsible and accountable.

9. We know the reward of bringing our earnings to our stakeholders.

10. We act with the awareness of our environmental awareness and social responsibility



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